Anne’s Expertise

Anne Cullen provides support and evidence-based information around caring for your children under three. With Anne’s heart-centred approach you will receive sensitive, individualised care that focuses on your values, helping you create and achieve meaningful goals and find joy in the early years of parenting. Providing both online and in-person consultations, coaching and classes, you will find what you need to go forward in your mothering journey feeling confident and empowered!

Supporting Your Mothering Journey

Go forward feeling confident and empowered!

Work With Anne

Get support and information tailored to your specific needs! Perfect for you if you have a child under three who is having problems with feeding (breast, bottle, solids); sleep; or behaviour (unsettled baby, toddler tantrums, separation issues). Online or at my private home office.
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Great for mothers who want more intensive support to work on their parenting concerns or who simply want to find more joy on their mothering journey. We often put so much into our families that we end up feeling lost...make time for YOU! Online or at my private home office.
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Anne is available to speak on a wide range of parenting and mindset topics at your business, for your conference, or even in your home. You can select from a list of set topics or choose something specific to your needs.
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What Clients Say About Anne

There are no words to describe how Anne made me feel as a parent! She gave me reassurance and most of all belief. Belief that following my intuition and heart was the best thing I could do. Such a knowledgeable and amazing lady for parents!

Karly Foley-Waite


Anne is insightful and kind hearted which is so important when working with families and young children/babies. She has a long history and commitment to breastfeeding and holistic-focused parenting and I can't recommend her enough!

Hinenui Wano-Bryant

Mum/Project Manager/Blogger

Anne was compassionate, dedicated & extremely helpful & knowledgeable about our feeding issues where many other professionals had failed to diagnose the problems (tongue tie). Where she was unable to help she put me in touch with those who could. Her support was not only practical but emotional. She kept me going many times when I nearly gave up. I am delighted to say, that despite what I thought would happen, I am still feeding my son who is almost 2. Thank you Anne

Kate Stonier

Mum of Two


When will he just SLEEP?!?

Do you have a toddler that STILL isn’t sleeping through the night? Do you fear you’ve created a bad habit by responding to him when he calls out to you?  Have you considered, or even tried, leaving her to cry? Are you completely exhausted from going back and forth all night between bedrooms and you are just DESPERATE for sleep? I HEAR YOU!  In fact, I WAS you! When my first son was born 13 years ago, I happily (well, sort of) had him sleeping in a cot next to my bed […]

The dilemma of a working mum…

I have two full-time, 24/7 jobs - I run my own business and I’m a mum! This is a fairly new way of being for me.  I relished the early years with my children and made the decision to be home with them rather than work or study.  For me, there really was no other way.  I didn’t love that decision every day, but I wasn’t going to […]

You are NOT the expert on your baby….

There are many different ways to parent, from one extreme to the next and everywhere in the middle.  Especially as a first-time parent, it can be so confusing to navigate your way through all of the information and advice out there in books, on the internet, from grandparents, health professionals, and even strangers passing by at the supermarket! So how do you know WHO to turn to for the answers that you are searching for? In my own parenting I’ve done a lot of searching […]